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Guerrilla Trekking

Guerrilla TrekkingThe Guerrilla Trekking in Nepal is an extraordinary journey in western and mid-western part of Nepal. These areas were the origin of Maoist War in Nepal (from 1996 to 2006). The war so intense that over 17000 people lost their lives and a nation that had strong monarchy for over 2 centuries turned into republic. Now the war has ended the hills are peaceful once again. The painful memory of war has started to fade away. It is a heart-warming feeling to visit those beautiful hills and people who are some of the friendliest ones in whole earth. On this trip, we trek directly into exotic paths and trials that were once used by the then Maoist guerrillas. We will be taking ourselves on this amazing journey - by walking the same route where the guerrillas once ventured who eventually went to abolish monarchy in Nepal. We will also see the wild caves where the rebels used to hide themselves and logistics during the insurgency.

In spite of what the name might suggest, the area is very peaceful nowadays. The Guerrilla Trekking passes through lush valleys in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas, including the impressive Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167 m). It passes dramatic waterfalls, lakes and the country’s only hunting reserve in Dhorpatan. The views from Jalja La, a pass (3386 m), are stunning and definitely compete with crowded Poon Hill. One can also see a whole range of mountains; especially the Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167 m) and Gurja Himal (7193 m) are much closed.In the village of Thabang – the cradle of the revolution, where key attacks were planned hikers cannot miss the communist flags still fluttering in the breeze. Less noticeable but far larger is a new poster painted on a guesthouse wall that advertises the villagers.

Quick Highlights of the trail

Best time for trekking : October, November, March, early April
Environment : subtropical to alpine
Max elevations : Phalgune Pass (12485 ft, 3915 m), Myagdi’s Jaljala Pass (11, 200 ft, 3414 m) and Rolpa’s Jaljala Pass (10140 ft, 3090 m)
Facilities : basic lodges, teahouses, home stay, camping
Duration : up to three weeks and more depending on side-trips and route choice
Difficulty level : moderate to high given the lack of amenities
Necessities : Nepal Visa ($30 to $100 USD on arrival), Dhorpatan Reserve Permit (3000 NRS)
Typical Nepali dish: daal-bhat tarakari (rice, lentil soup and vegetables), dhido(corn or millet mash with lentil soup and vegetables)
Typical drink : chiyaa (sweet milk tea), fermented spirits of chhyang (undistilled) and raksi (distilled), are produced from locally grown maize, rice, millet and sometimes fruit
Highlights : heartwarming Nepali hospitality, sensational Himalayan vistas, mid-hills scenery and terraced fields, ancient villages, recent historical sites in a post-conflict zone, Magar and native cultures, sacred caves, lakes, magnificent waterfalls, Jaljala passes of Myagdi and Rolpa, local food and drink.

Route no.1 Guerrilla Trekking–14 days(short)

Day 01: Pokhara to Beni (Bus)

Day 02: Beni to Darbang (Local vehicle)

Day 03: Darbang to Takam (trek start)

Day 04: Takam to Moreni

Day 05: Moreni to Gurjaghat

Day 06: Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan

Day 07: Dhorpatan to Niseldhor

Day 08: Niseldhor to Taka

Day 09: Taka to Lukum

Day 10: Lukum to Thawang

Day 11: Thawang to Sulkabang

Day 12: Sulkabang to Jelbang

Day 13: Jelbang to Sulichaur (jeep)

Day 14: Sulichaur to Kathmandu (Bus)


Day 11: Thabang – Jaljala-Dharampani-Okhreni

Day 12: Okhreni – Majhibang – Jelbang

Day 13: Jelbang – Sulichour

Route no.2 Guerrilla Trekking–19 days (scenic, cultural and long)

Day 1: Pokhara to Beni

Day 2: Beni to Darbang

Day 3: Darbang to Takam

Day 4: Takam to Moreni

Day 5: Moreni to Gurjaghat

Day 6: Gurjaghat to Dhorpatan

Day 7: Dhorpatan to Thankur

Day 8: Thankur to Kayam

Day 9: Kayam to Pelma

Day 10: Pelma to Maikot

Day 11: Maikot to Dimurgaira

Day 12: Dimurgaira to Dharmasala

Day 13: Dharmasala to Taka

Day 14: Taka to Lukum

Day 15: Lukum to Thawang

Day 16: Thawang to Sulkabang

Day 17: Sulkabang to Jelbang

Day 18: Jelbang to Sulichaur

Day 19: Sulichaur to Kathmandu


Day 11: Thabang – Jaljala-Dharampani-Okhreni

Day 12: Okhreni – Majhibang – Jelbang

Day 13: Jelbang – Sulichour