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Humla (Simikot – Limi Valley) Trekking

Humla (Simikot – Limi Valley) Trekking Humla district an important part of ancient Buddhist religions and it holds a lot of histories, cultures and values of a typical Buddhist life. With more than 10 small villages of Tibetan origin, Humla district is a very important and beautiful part of land not only for the Buddhist all around the world, but also for everyone who wants to learn about buddhist life and study the histories and cultures. The Nyin Community and the Limi Valley are inhabited by peaceful buddhist communities and they are blessed with very beautiful nature, with abundance of natural resources, varied flora and fauna, lots of mountain springs and very clean rivers and beautiful mountains and glacial lakes. The Northern part of Humla District is inhabited by Buddhists,originating from Tibet, whereas the South is mostly inhabited by Hindus. There is no time limitation for the trekking in any areas and the same kind of flexibility of trekking period can be applied for these areas too. But the shortest time will at least be of three weeks including from and to Kathmandu . Trekking to API HIMAL and SAIPAL HIMAL can be done individually also. This means that trekking to either side can only be done separately. SAIPAL HIMAL side which is situated in the boarders of India in the west and Tibet (china) in the north.

When you are in the upper part of Humla, to be facilitated from the facilities of the accommodation, food and electricity will be dream like situation. Our staffs will carry every necessary item for the trip and our guests will be well cared during the trip until they are in Kathmandu . Another importance of this area is that the people living there are really traditional, ritual, cultural and myth lovers. It is important to mention that, in the world there are many local languages and the language spoken by the people of one area is difficult to understand their language from the people of another area. This kind of situation can be found all most in the all countries of the world and Nepal is again very rich in that perspective also. Though, geographically, it is one of the small countries in the world but it is very big in terms of different groups of people and their languages they speak, cultures they live with, customs they adopt , way of life to create their own identity, profession since their birth and beliefs they are happy with. Even if you walk specially in any village areas of Nepal in every two or three kilometers you will happen to see totally different kinds of people and their style of living and life.

Kailash and Upper Humla Circuit Trek
This treks starts from Simikot and climbs up to Nara La pass through Dharapori, Kermi, Muchu and Yari villages before reaching the arid Tibetan plateau. Since 1993, it has been a popular trekking route to get Kailsh. It takes six days to reach Tibetan border town Taklakot, thereby allowing you time to acclimatize. From Taklakot it is 3 hours drive to reach Mt Kailash and Manasarovar. After visiting Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you can trek back to Simikot through Limi Valley. You have also other option of making the round other way starting from Simikot to Limi and then onto Kailash and returning back via Hilsa and Yari. It makes complete tour to experience upper Humla and west Tibet no matter which way you opt.

For this trip, Climax Adventure PVT.LTD has well and experience guides. Who is being working trekking since a decade long. The company has well known Sherpa climber for climbing and Expedition organize. We have youngest Everest climber for leading yours Expedition and small peak climbing. Climax Adventure has professional team for yours best holiday celebrate and adventure.

Trip day to day itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 2: Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

Day 3: Fly to Nepalgunj (approx 1 hour)

Day 4: Fly to Simikot (approx 50 minutes)

Day 5: Trek Simikot – Dharapori

Day 6: Trek Daharapori – Salli Khola

Day 7: Trek Sallikhola – Tumkot

Day 8: Trek Tumkot – Yari

Day 9: Trek Yari – Hilsa

Day 10: Drive Hilsa/Shera – Purang – Darchen

Day 11: Start Kailash circuit Trek Darchen - Diraphuk

Day 12: Trek up to Zutrulphuk.

Day 13: Drive to Manasarovar

Day 14: Drive to Purang, Exit border, Trek to Manipeme

Day 15: Trek to Til village

Day 16: Trek from Til village to Halji village

Day 17: Rest and Explore gompas and villages

Day 18: Trek to Jang

Day 19: Trek Jang – Talung

Day 20: Talung – Chhongsa

Day 21: Chhongsa - Singjungma

Day 22: Singjungma - Kermi

Day 23: Kermi – Majgaon

Day 24: Majgaon - Simikot

Day 25: Fly Nepalgunj/Kathmandu

Day 26: Fly back Home