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Our Team

Chakra Karki
Managing Director

chakraChakra Karki is an experience and expert person in the Nepalese tourism industries. He has been working tourism journalist a decade for Nepal leading Media house in Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post. He has been crossed the high passes in Nepal and reached more than two dozen Everest base trekking and many more other high passes and Himalayas base camp. He has got interview with first Everest climber Late Sir Edmund Hillary and well as 21 times Everest summitter Mr. Apa Sherpa and other prominent climbers. Chakra has long experience for expeditions, peak climbing and adventure trekking in Nepal Himalayas, Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim. He has developed the Extreme Everest cleanup campaign in 2010. He has taken a leading role for all set up the structure of Extreme Everest cleanup campaign. Extreme Everest Cleanup Campaign has successfully brought-down 2000 kilo debris above the 8000m and 2 dead bodies evacuate. Chakra has serious knowledge and skill on adventure trekking and expedition organized. He has known all the adventure activities in Nepal. He is young and energetic as well as experience person to the managing system. Chakra can be seen the death zone movie mountain documentary about the Everest Cleanup campaign as leading character. He has led the Khumbu high passes trekking and base camp trekking successfully. Chakra has coverage the Everest golden jubilee ceremony from the base camp area. He has known the climbing history and Sherpa culture.

Dorji Sherpa (15 Times Everest summitter) (Department of Head Mountaineering and Expeditions)
Dorji Sherpa is main climbing leader of Climax Adventure. He has climbed 15 times the Mt. Everest. He has climbed many other mountains already. He is a strong and serious climbing leader of the Himalayas. Dorji has leaded the expeditions very successfully. He is main character of Sherpas true heroes of Mt. Everest. The film made by Swiss and Nepalese team in 2008.

He was leader of Extreme Everest Cleanup expedition in 2010. He has leaded the successfully role for that campaign. He was born the lap of the Mt. Everest, the mountain village of Thamu. Dorji has been leading the expedition since 25 years. He has long experience of the mountains and expedition. Dorji Sherpa has been climbed the Mt. Kanchenjunga and other mountains as well. He has born in 1964. Dorji is a department of head mountaineering and expeditions for Climax Adventure Pvt.Ltd. He is leading the expedition since the company established. He is a great climber in Nepal.


Long Pasang Sherpa- Climbing guide
pasangPasang Sherpa is a strong and confident climbing guide of the mountain. He has climbed the Everest three times. He has climbed Mt. Everest in 2010 with the campaign of Extreme Everest Cleanup Campaign. He has the strong member of the Everest cleanup campaign. He climbed in 2011 after a year and then he climbed in 2013 led the Nepalese-Indian Army Everest Expedition. Pasang climbed Lakpa ri monain in Tibet. Pasang is leads expedition different mountain. He is a professional climbing leader. Pasang has born in eastern part of Nepal, the Khotang district. He is a young and strong climbing leader of Himalayas. Pasang has climbed many other peaks too. He speaks English, Sherpa language and Nepali as well as Indian. Pasang is 30 year old and perfect climber of Nepal.

Galden Sherpa – Climbing guide
galdenGalden Sherpa is a strong and energetic climbing leader. He has climbed the Everest south and north side. (Nepal and Tibet side) He is a young and strong climber. Galden Sherpa is young and strong climbing leader. He has climbed the Mt. Everest two times (South and North side) in 2011 and 2013 with British group. He is a serious and sincere for lead the expedition and peak climbing. He has best experience about the expedition and peak climbing. He has led the group very successfully. Such as, Mera peak, Island peak, Pokalde peak, Lobuche, Baruntse, Gangchenpo peak, Chulu West, Dhampus peak, Yalung ri and Many more. He has led the expedition more technical peak and mountain expedition. Galden has born in lap of the Mt. Everest. He speaks English, Nepali, and Hindu and owns his Sherpa language. He is cooperative in the team. He has good knowledge for rescue course and high Himalayas rescue area. Galden is a 27 year old and brave mountaineer.


Ngwang Pasang Sherpa - Climbing guide
PasangMr. Pasang Sherpa has climbed the Mt. Everest two times. Pasang has climbed other peak and technical mountain as well. He is an experience Summitter of Nepal. He has involved Everest cleanup campaign in 2010. 27 year old Pasang has led many more expedition and peak climbing to the Himalayas. Pasang has taken famous cartoonist Luris art on Everest in 2011. He has successfully taken the Uniting Painting on top of the world. He has climbed many other peaks with led the team. Pasang has born in Solukhumbu district. Mr. Sherpa is a strong climbing guide on yours expedition and trip. He leads yours expedition professionally.

Durga B. Thapa- Operation manager
DurgaMr. Durga B. Thapa is a smart and dedicates young man for lead the operating part of the company. He is bachelor Degree holder from the Tribhuwan University. He has got experience a short period about the operation sector of the company. He has knowledge for office care. He is serious person for operation part. He is a 23 year old.